About Me

I'm Alicia. I'm a mama of two trying to live in the present, soak up all the little moments and live a simple and honest life. Writing my thoughts out is therapeutic. My written work helps me reflect and guide me along my mindful living and parenting journey.

There are three main characters in my story:

Zen Master - My first born son, 3.5 years old. A smart, spirited and sensitive soul. He shows me how to live in the moment and I am learning by his example.

Little Buddha - My second born son, 8 months old. A calm, happy and healing soul. Welcoming him into our life has been enlightening.

Biggest Fan - My husband and best friend. We're a pretty good team.

I know this path is the right one for me right now. Natural living, birth, breastfeeding and parenting have been passions of mine. I'm excited to have a new space to share my thoughts, special moments and everything I'm learning on this exciting new path into mindfulness too.

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I so appreciate what you have written! I had no idea about mindfulness until I had Zara and became a mess and had to reach out into the vast world of "help me please" parenting books! Tee hee. I like how you wrote that this path is the right one for me right now. I have to remind myself of that, it's a good one!!